#002 – I Lost My Mind But I Still Tries

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Track No. – 002


Artist: Master E

Title: I Lost My Mind But I Still Tries

Created: 10-16-16

Total Project Hours:

Mood: Outrageous

Tempo: 126

Genre: Hyphybit

Meaning: This song is a fuckery of different concepts mashed into one but thats just how it came out; mostly, it helps to give you an understanding of where I am coming from with my approach toward life, music, and my general feelings toward where I spend my time especially when giving my time to other people. Most people tend to be rather opposed to my

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Master E

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~Lyrics -Really Trying-Racers Start Your EnginesDont waste my timeHere we Go!Checkered Flags Check - Checkered FlagsReady? Go!I bought a couple watches but dont believe in time Wont hesitate to drop you if you plan on wasting mine (Dont waste my time)Started taking hits Started making hits When I was a kid I never dreamed life could be this legit (Not even close)My platform is legitimate Bazaarly uninhibited I don't believe in haters Just scared people spreading ignoranceAddicted to new things but I'm not materialisticWear my chinese chains like no way im gonna miss thisIm thinkin Capitalistic Need mom's money son go get it Its just a tad deranged but thats on you if u aint with itI'm picking up the signs from all these other artists lines Metaphorical and physical everyone one is lyricalWe all have a voice and every day you make a choiceDo you believe that you cant do it or will you finally make some noiseThe man who says he can and the man who says he can't Both of them are right it's not that hard to understandThats why I'm an artist man and you are still a fanI know that might seem rude to you but you must comprehendAnyone can do this too I promise that you can(Yes, I shall say a few verds now)I needs to find a new vay When I's life is getting staleI likes to get real high bcuz I's not the type to failSo I brews anoza potion, casts zhe spell, produce zat heat (Eureka!) I lost my mind but I still tries and zats vhy I raps to zhe beatI stays avay from dairy and I does not fuck with beef I gives fuck less what you say unless you eat star leaf (Lil Foot!)Lil foot ooh Lil foot yawMy flow is not derivative My pacing is deliberate Its 10 percent the message and The rest how you deliver itI tend to get belligerent Im highly inconsiderateEvery person I av met as turned out to be full of shitSo I'm out to get your scritchAnd im out to get your bitchYou thought you were the only ones but now I've got your niche niggaI'll let you in on a secret kid Just Think and you'll grow richIf you believe in something then why won't you just commitIf you doubt me yer the fool Cuz its all up to youWhachu wanna do you Gonna leave your life to chance this time or finally follow throughThats all I got for youThank you and i love all you weak fearful little sheeple goodnight